Sarah Hyland Is Adorable on Set for Her Candies Campaign

Sarah Hyland's newest business venture has her climbing trees.
Not only did the Modern Family actress style the most recent Candies collection, but she, as creative director, also had a big hand in designing it. "I like that it has a little bit of me in everything," said the star.
"There's a certain denim overall dress I helped design that's going to have a package with it, almost like a time capsule package," added Sarah. "It comes with pins that may or may not have a little shout-out to personal things in my life. All the details are very, very important." (Note: The embroidered hummingbird on the right side of these skinny jeans is an exact replica of the tattoo behid her ear.)
"I haven't climbed a tree since I was maybe 15-years-old—at least. If not, 12-years-old. It's definitely been over a decade since I've climbed a tree," chimed the style star after famous photographer Ellen von Unerth had her posted up on a branch.
In addition to tree climbing, the actress was having the best time jamming to The Chainsmokers on set, Snapchat-ing the experience to her fans and making adorable faces at everyone and anyone.

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